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Employment services sample workflow

This resource provides a generalized process for authorizing the new employment services.

Phase 1: Complete MnCHOICES assessment

  1. Assessor completes the MnCHOICES assessment
  2. Assessor indicates the person’s employment needs
  3. Assessor sends completed community support plan (CSP), and Notice of Action (Assessments and Reassessments), DHS-2828A-ENG (PDF) to person and notifies case manager

Phase 2: Meet with person about employment

  1. Case manager accesses completed CSP
  2. Case manager meets with person to discuss:
  3. Case manager identifies vocational rehabilitation services (VRS) and waiver employment services that match the person's employment goals using the VRS, IDEA and home and community-based employment services – Interim guidance page in the CBSM
  4. Case manager writes the coordinated services and supports plan (CSSP), pending provider service authorization

Phase 3: Coordinate with provider(s)

  1. Case manager coordinates referrals for services and schedules introductions with service providers
  2. Provider communicates with the person and case manager to determine if the provider’s services will meet the person’s employment and life goals
  3. Provider completes Employment and Day Services Individual Planning Tool (XLS) in consultation with the person requesting services (Note: This is a recommended best practice)
  4. Provider completes RMS Worksheet — Employment Services, DHS-6790L (required)
  5. Provider sends completed form(s) to case manager

Phase 4: Authorize services

  1. Case manager reviews completed Employment and Day Services Individual Planning Tool (XLSX) and RMS Worksheet — Employment Services, DHS-6790L to determine if they meet the person’s employment goals and fit with the rest of his or her support plan
  2. Case manager completes a Notice of Action (Assessments and Reassessments), DHS-2828A-ENG (PDF) and sends it to the person if there is a service reduction, denial or termination
  3. Case manager updates the CSSP and authorizes the person’s chosen services
  4. If there is a new service provider, the provider hosts a 45-day meeting at which the person shares his or her experience with the service / support plan and if he or she thinks it is meeting his or her goals
  5. Ongoing employment conversation / check-ins
  6. Annual meeting

Helpful resources

Provider tools

You may download a printable PDF version of this workflow example by right-clicking here and saving the document

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