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Income withholding of support payments

Most new or modified child support orders require employers and payors-of-funds to automatically withhold basic support, medical support and child care support obligations from a parent's paycheck or other sources of income. Here's how it works:

  1. On full-service cases, the county child support office will direct the employer or payor-of-funds to withhold funds from a parent's income. (Parents who have income withholding-only services must initiate withholding by sending a notice to any employers or other payors-of-funds.)
  2. The employer or other payor-of-funds sends withheld funds to the state Child Support Payment Center.
  3. The Child Support Payment Center uses the funds to pay the parent's child support obligations to the other parent.

Parents can view a record of all child support payments and how the payment has been distributed to their cases by checking their account on Minnesota Child Support Online.

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