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Changing a child support order

The court sets child support obligations based on family circumstances and information from both parents. Child support orders can be changed or modified only by a court order or by cost-of-living adjustments. You may be eligible to have your order modified if your income, expenses, child care, medical coverage, or other circumstances change. Child care support can be changed if one parent tells the county child support worker that child care has started or stopped.

Family circumstances change and income may increase or decrease. Some parents experience difficult times that make them unable to pay their obligation, such as unemployment, underemployment, health changes or incarceration. Child support obligations do not stop when an income source ends. Charging continues regardless of ability to pay, unemployment insurance benefits or other circumstances.

Parents who have full child support services should contact their county child support worker right away if their situation changes.

If you have income withholding-only services, the child support office cannot help you change an order. You will need to file a motion with the court yourself or with the help of an attorney.

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