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Program HH Medication Program (ADAP) Formulary

The Program HH Formulary is an open drug formulary that mirrors the Minnesota Department of Human Services Fee For Services Drug Formulary, with the exception of controlled substances.

If a drug prescribed to you is not on the Program HH Formulary, you may ask to have it added to the Program HH/ADAP Formulary. To add the drug to the Program HH/ADAP Formulary, submit a formulary addition request via email  or by calling the Customer Care Line at 651-431-2398. With your formulary addition request, please include the drug name, dosage and modality. If Program HH staff determines that the medication is appropriate to add to the formulary, the medication will be effective the month after the addition.

Please note that controlled substance and medications not allowed by Minnesota state statute cannot be included in the Program HH Formulary.

To look up a medication, use the Minnesota Medicaid Fee-For-Service Pharmacy Program formulary look up tool. Note: Choose ‘HH” in the Major Program dropdown menu.

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