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Child Care Access Grants

This page contains information for families experiencing homelessness, including exemptions for verification and requirements, and grants supporting families in transition.

Child care assistance for families experiencing homelessness

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) can help pay for child care while parents/guardians work, look for employment, attend school or participate in activities within an employment plan. If a family identifies as experiencing homelessness on the Child Care Assistance Program application, their application will be processed within five business days without required verifications. Families experiencing homelessness are exempt from child care assistance activity requirements for three months to allow the family to search for housing or meet other basic needs. 

The Child Care Assistance Program defines a household as homeless if they lack a fixed, adequate nighttime residence. This includes but is not limited to families living in transitional housing, shelters, cars, outside and public spaces, motels and families doubling up due to loss of housing, hardship, or other reasons. 

A family is considered to be experiencing homelessness for CCAP if the Living Situation on the application is answered (choose one): 

  • Place not meant for housing (anywhere outside, a vehicle, and abandoned building or bus/train/airport)
  • Family/friends due to economic hardship
  • Hotel or motel
  • Emergency shelter

If the Living Situation is answered as “Unknown” or “Declined”, the family is not eligible for expedited child care. The living situation reported on the CCAP application by the family is used to determine whether the family is experiencing homelessness. To benefit from these revised policies, it is essential that families select this option on their application if eligible.

For more information on the Child Care Assistance Program, visit the child care assistance website

Child Care Access Grants

In 2020, the state awarded Child Care Access Grants to organizations to help families experiencing homelessness apply and maintain their child care assistance. Child Care Access Grants are specifically tailored to support families experiencing homelessness or in housing transitions. This includes supporting families with the child care assistance application and to successfully maintain child care eligibility across a family’s journey towards stable housing. There are several community organizations that can help families experiencing homelessness navigate the Child Care Assistance Program. These organizations can help families obtain verifications, transportation services, pay for child care costs not covered by child care assistance, and many other supportive services. 

If you are or are assisting a family experiencing homelessness who needs child care assistance, connect with one of the Child Care Access Grantees listed below

Child Care Access Grantees

Child Care Access Grantees can help families with a variety of services. Families should contact the organization that is closest to their current location or needs. Click here to see a geographical map of where Child Care Access Grantees are located. 

Apply for assistance

There are three ways to apply for the Child Care Assistance Program. 

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