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Minnesota Sex Offender Program Frequently Requested Policies

Admission to the MSOP (PDF)

Approved vendor list (PDF)

Client behavioral expectations (PDF) 

Client clothing exchange (PDF)

Client computer network (PDF)

Client hygiene-dress code (PDF)

Client incompatibility (PDF)

Client mail (PDF) 

Client movement outside the secure perimeter (PDF)

Client placement (PDF)

Client property (PDF)

Client requests and grievances (PDF)

Client rights and responsibilities (PDF)

Client tier-level system (PDF)

Client telephone use (PDF)

Client vocational compensation (PDF)

Client volunteer program (PDF)

Confidentiality and data privacy (PDF)

Contraband, MSOP (PDF)

CPS client liberties (PDF)

CPS client visits (PDF)

CPS death-related visits (PDF)

Data request and copy costs (PDF)

Deathbed/death-related visits (PDF)

Duty to warn (PDF)

Emergency notification - client infirmary/hospitalization (PDF)

Event letters (PDF)

Health Information Record Designation (PDF)

Health Services Provision of Care (PDF)

High Security Area (PDF)

Human Subjects Review (PDF)

Indigent Clients (PDF)

Media possession by clients (PDF)

Mileage reimbursement for spiritual resource volunteers (PDF)

MSOP departure (PDF)

Outside orders (PDF)

Oversight of Internet-capable electronic devices for clients on provisional discharge (PDF)

Policy development and maintenance (PDF)

Program licensing and oversight (PDF)

Programming on and off campus (PDF)

Property list (PDF)

Searches – clients (PDF)

Searches - employees and visitors (PDF)

Reduction in Custody/Special Review Board - (PDF)

Spiritual practices (PDF)

Treatment overview (PDF)

Treatment progression (PDF)

Unit Omega handbook (PDF)

Use of force and restraints (PDF)

Victim notification (PDF)

Visiting (PDF)

Vocational Programming (PDF)

Volunteer services program (PDF)

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