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The impact of Minnesota Senior Health Options

Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) combines separate health care programs and support systems into one package. MSHO members are assigned a care coordinator who will help them get their health care and related support services.

One member's story

Larry is a 75-year-old man with health problems. His health issues had made it hard for him to take care of his home and his personal hygiene. One year, he was in the hospital four times for dehydration. His meals often included canned foods, cheese, lunch meat and soda. Larry is very independent and doesn't like to ask for help.

After joining MSHO, Larry met with a care coordinator who helped him get the health care and services he needed. Now, Meals-on-Wheels brings him a daily meal. A nurse visits him every two weeks to help him manage his diabetes and medication. A home health aide visits him three times a week to help him with hygiene and personal care, and he gets weekly homemaking and chore services. The care coordinator also helped him schedule regular doctor appointments.

During the first six months of joining MSHO, Larry was not hospitalized once. He even told his care coordinator that she is his ray of sunshine.

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