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Collaborate whenever possible. Often times we may perceive a task as easy but from someone else’s perspective the task could be a waste of their time, hard, it could be daunting or it could be something that is just not fun (like a chore). Working together as a team reduces difficulty and can make the experiences more fun, enhancing the likelihood of participation on a task or activity. Think of the benefits you have experienced when working as a member of a team. Did you feel supported and part of a positive effort? An example of how you could try this in your own work/life is to say, “It is time to clean the house. What should we do first?” or “It is time to clean the house. How can I help you?” or “I’ll pick up the newspapers on the floor, so you can vacuum, will that work?” or, if cooking is the activity, “I am going to start chopping the carrots. How about you rinse the lettuce?” Think about fun and creative ways to collaborate and help others feel a part of a team. The key to collaboration is to offer your help when you are beginning the task or activity and everyone can be involved in figuring out who is doing what. Offering to work together at the beginning can prevent a problematic sequence. 

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