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Adult Day Treatment

The goal of Adult Day Treatment (ADT) is to reduce or relieve the effects of symptoms associated with a diagnosed mental illness and provide skills training that will allow a person to live in their community.


ADT is a short-term, community-based mental health program consisting of group psychotherapy, rehabilitative interventions, and other therapeutic group services provided by a multidisciplinary team.

ADT services are linked to goals identified in an individual’s treatment plan which will lead to improvement in functioning impaired by the symptoms of the person’s mental illness. As a result, the individual will experience stabilization of their mental health status while developing and improving their independent living and socialization skills.

Day treatment programs are provided to an adult in or by an accredited hospital, a community mental health center or a program contracted by a county.

How to receive services

People receiving services must:
  • Have a primary diagnosis of mental illness as determined by a diagnostic assessment
  • Have three or more areas of significant impairment in functioning as determined by a functional assessment
  • Be experiencing symptoms impairing thought, mood, behavior or perception that interfere with the ability to function with a lesser level of service
  • Need a highly structured, focused treatment approach to accomplish improvement and to avoid relapse requiring higher level of treatment
ADT consists of:
  • At least one hour of group psychotherapy
  • Group time focused on rehabilitation

Mental Health at DHS

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is dedicated to supporting adults, children and youth with a mental illness in their personal journey toward recovery, as well as preventing mental illness whenever possible.

People with mental illness have the same rights as anyone. DHS is committed to making sure individual choice is respected and that people with mental illness are able to live, learn, work, and enjoy life in their community to the best of their ability.

DHS oversees a number of publicly funded programs offering community-based mental health services, creating a continuum of services designed to meet the needs of individuals.

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