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Child Support ezDocs is an interactive online tool that Minnesota child support participants can use to:

  • Request that the county child support office review your child support order for changes
  • Respond to a request made by the other parent for a review of your order
  • File a motion on your own - pro se - asking the court to change your support order if you choose not to hire a lawyer.

Even if the county reviews your order, the court makes the final decision about whether to change an order.

Who can use ezDocs?

To use ezDocs, you must:

  • Sign in to your Minnesota Child Support Online (MCSO) account
    • MCSO is a secure website that provides participants information about their Minnesota child support cases.
    • To register on MCSO, you will need your participant number, PIN number, Social Security number and date of birth.
    • Contact your county child support worker to get your PIN mailed to you.
  • Have an open child support case in a Minnesota county
  • Have access to important information about your case(s) as listed below.

Child Support ezDocs interacts with Minnesota's child support case information system. Some information from your case may display.

What do I need to complete the forms?

You will need the following information to complete the forms on ezDocs:

  • Your participant number (also known as your MCI number) and Social Security number (SSN)
  • Your most recent child support order(s)
  • Your income information, such as payroll stubs, tax forms, etc.
  • Your child's health and/or dental insurance information, premium costs and who it covers
  • Work- or education-related child care costs
  • Your household expense information

If you are filing pro se, you also need a hearing date. You can get this from the court administrator in the county that issued your order.

What if the online financial statement or pro se forms are unavailable?

If you are unable to access the online financial statement or the medical modification sheet, you can print the Financial Statement (PDF) or Medical Modification Information Sheet DHS-6019-ENG (PDF). Complete it, then mail or bring it to your county child support office.

You can download or print blank forms for pro se motions from the state court website.

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