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HIV nutrition services

Nutrition services pays up to $100 each month for enteral/nutritional supplements when ordered by a Minnesota Health Care Program-registered dietitian. These products may be purchased at any outpatient pharmacy that is Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) provider.

These products are typically canned liquid drinks, which add calories and certain nutrients to the diet. The program does not cover food, vitamins or herbal nutritional supplements.

All clients who wish to receive nutritional supplements through Program HH need prior authorization from a Minnesota Health Care Program-registered dietitian every six months. The dietitian will meet with you to determine your dietary needs and what supplements would be best for you. The dietitian will complete the Nutrition Prior Authorization Form (PDF) for you and coordinate with a Minnesota Health Care Program-registered dispensing provider as well as Program HH.

If you have private insurance, Medicaid and/or Medicare, contact them to find an approved provider who can prescribe enteral/nutritional supplements so they can be covered under your primary insurance. If you only have Program HH coverage or your insurance does not cover enteral/nutritional supplements or you do not meet the approval criteria for enteral/nutritional supplements under your primary insurance, you may contact Program HH Customer Care at 651-431-2398 for assistance in finding a Minnesota Health Care Program-registered dietitian.

You may also contact your case manager, benefits specialist or the recipient help desk at 651-431-2670 or toll free at 800-657-3739 for more information.

Nutrition services frequently asked questions

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