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Qualifying for the enhanced rate and/or stipend

Which benefit applies to whom?

  • Enhanced rate: A worker qualifies for the enhanced rate when the worker has completed qualifying trainings and provides services to a person who receives PCA services or participates in CDCS or CSG and either:
    • Is eligible for 12 or more hours of state plan PCA per day
    • Has the home care rating EN.
  • Stipend: A worker who has completed the qualifying trainings qualifies for the stipend when he or she works with a person who is a participant in PCA Choice, CDCS or CSG. Stipends are available for workers in PCA Choice, CSG and CDCS who complete qualifying trainings before June 30, 2023. A worker may receive up to two $500 stipends starting July 1, 2021, until the $1 million in stipend funding is exhausted or June 30, 2023, whichever comes sooner. Stipends are available on a first come, first served basis. We will update this site when all stipends have been awarded.

Ways to qualify for the stipend and/or enhanced rate

Option 1
For a worker with a current RN, LPN, CNA or HHA license or certificate

Both of the following:

  • Course A
  • License or certificate. Note: A worker must keep his or her license or certificate current in order to continue to qualify for the enhanced rate.

Option 2

Both of the following:

  • Course A
  • Personal Care Essentials course from Category B

Option 3

Both of the following:

  • Course A
  • Two courses from Category B

Option 4

All of the following:

  • Course A
  • One course from Category B
  • Three courses from Category C

Workers may receive up to two stipends from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2023

You need to use different course completions to earn the second stipend from those that you completed to earn the first one.

  • If you qualified for the stipend the first time using Option 1 described above, you will either need to take a course from Category B or C to qualify for a second stipend.
  • If you qualified for the stipend the first time using Option 2 described above, you will need to use Option 3 or Option 4 to qualify for a second stipend.

For workers who received any stipends before July 1, 2021, to qualify for additional stipends, the course completions from categories B and C must be different unless taking a recertification course.

Once you have completed training

To submit your materials, please go to the Minnesota Direct Support Worker Training website, sign up and follow the instructions.

Recertification process

If you qualified for the enhanced rate using a license or certification, your eligibility expires when that license or certificate expires. Your expiration date is listed on the certification letter you received when your training requirements were verified. You are responsible for submitting proof of continuing eligibility (i.e. an updated certificate or license or proof you completed another qualifying training) before your eligibility expires in order to remain eligible. Submit proof of your recertification to Once verified, you will receive an updated certification letter. Give your updated certification letter to your provider agency or the person you provide services to in CDCS or CSG.

Qualifying courses

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