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Adult Mental Health Residential Treatment Services

Informational page (PDF)

Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) and Residential Crisis Stabilization services (RCS) provide a safe and supervised environment in a community based residential program setting. These intensive mental health treatment services may be needed following a hospital stay or to prevent hospitalization.

Services are designed to help with stability, personal and emotional adjustment, self-sufficiency, and skills and strategies for living as independently as possible. Both RCS and IRTS have 24/7 mental health staff and range in size from five to 15 beds. Individuals who have participated in these services share how developing caring, trusting relationships with staff is crucial to their recovery. They also note that safety and comfort – both from the physical space and the predictability of access to getting their basic needs met — promoted recovery. Participants are often able to stay in touch with friends, family and other professionals during their treatment, providing them with a sense of belonging in the community while also giving them a chance to practice various skills they might be working on.

Minnesota currently has over 50 programs statewide, which provide IRTS and RCS. Some providers offer both services at the same location.

To find a program, visit website.

Intensive Residential Treatment Services

IRTS provides stays usually less than 90 days, allowing individuals time to develop skills needed for successful transition to outpatient services and supports in their home communities. This Includes:

  • Individualized assessment and treatment planning
  • Illness management and recovery skills
  • Assessment and services for co-occurring substance abuse and disorders
  • Family education opportunities
  • Crisis assistance, development of health care directives and crisis prevention plans
  • Nursing services including medication education
  • Living skills development
  • Assistance with transition to community based services and housing.

Residential Crisis Stabilization

RCS is intended for very short-term crisis stabilization of up to 10 days. RCS Services Include:

  • Assessment and treatment planning for immediate needs
  • Supportive counseling and skills training related to the crisis
  • Referrals to other service providers in the community as needed and to support the member’s transition from RCS
  • A crisis response action plan if a crisis should occur
  • Assistance to access and store medication.
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