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HIV mental health services

Mental health services pays for limited outpatient counseling with any state-registered mental health professional who accepts Medical Assistance. If you do not have mental health insurance coverage or have exhausted your mental health benefits, you may apply for mental health services.

The cost of medications is not covered under this service, although a limited number of mental health medications are available to clients enrolled in the Drug Reimbursement Program.

Once enrolled in the mental health program, a person is eligible for a one-hour assessment by a mental health provider of their choice. After the assessment, the mental health provider must contact Program HH to prior authorize any needed services. Mental health providers will be notified of authorization and instructed as to the number of sessions that have been approved within three working days of receiving prior authorization form.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, Program HH will no longer pay for mental health visits for clients who are enrolled in Medical Assistance and Program HH and who:

  • Have a pre-paid health plan (PPHP) and
  • Are seeing out-of-network providers.
  • Clients and providers need to work together to find mental health providers who are a part of the client's PPHP network.

Contact your case manager, benefits specialist or the recipient help desk at 651-431-2670 or toll free at 800-657-3739 for more information.

Mental health frequently asked questions 

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