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Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Initiative

The Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Initiative consists of projects that are funded through CMPs. CMPs are fines assessed to Nursing Facilities that are out of compliance with federal Medicaid regulations governing facility operations. These monies must be utilized to fund projects that protect or improve the health, welfare or safety of the residents of MN Nursing Facilities. Recommendations for project funding are made through the State CMP Use Committee.

For questions about Minnesota’s CMP Reinvestment Program, please contact our staff liaison.

Latest NEWS!

  • Facilities that have not already applied for the following grant opportunities should do so soon, while these funding opportunities remain open. Follow the links below for the instructions and application forms. 
  • Now accepting applications for Technology grants! Follow the link below for instructions and the application forms.

Current Funding Opportunities

Call for proposals

Previous Project Information

More Information

For more information on the Civil Monetary Penalty Reinvestment Program (CMPRP), please visit the federal CMS CMP website, where you can find examples of CMP funded projects (Zip files) or view the document entitled “State CMP Reinvestment Projects Funded by Calendar Year,” on the CMPRP website.

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