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Piper highlights new funding to improve safety at Minnesota Security Hospital

Human Services Commissioner Emily Piper visited St. Peter on June 14 to highlight significant investments in Minnesota Security Hospital, including completion of a major renovation and the hiring of nearly 150 new employees over the next three years. The changes will improve care and safety for patients and staff. In 2017, Gov. Mark Dayton and legislators approved $70.2 million to renovate Minnesota Security Hospital and create safer working conditions for employees. An additional $22.8 million was passed in the 2017 session to increase safety by adding 146 employees.

Fact sheets on 2017 legislative session now available

Fact sheets on human services legislation enacted into law in the 2017 session are now available online. The fact sheets from the Minnesota Department of Human Services provide details on newly approved initiatives that will improve safety net services for people in state-operated facilities, expand options to help people with disabilities and older adults live independently, and replace technology needed to effectively deliver human services across Minnesota. Other key proposals – including efforts to improve access to dental care and strengthen child care – were not funded this year. Read more.

More information about the 2018-19 state budget

Minnesota’s budget for the 2018-19 biennium (two-year cycle) runs from July 1, 2017, until June 30, 2019. Both the operating budget and the capital budget were enacted by the 2017 Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton. The capital budget is funded primarily by issuing state bonds for items such as renovation and construction of state facilities. Detailed information on both the operating budget and the capital budget is available on the Minnesota Management and Budget website.

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