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Legal Nonlicensed One-Time Payments

​​The Great Start Compensation Support Payment Program was signed into law in May 2023, creating a new program designed to support the child care industry and early childhood educators. This program created Legal Nonlicensed One-Time Payments, which provide one-time payments of $500 to legal nonlicensed providers registered with the Child Care Assistance Program to cover registration and startup costs. Legal nonlicensed providers are not eligible for the monthly Compensation Support Payments. 

​Legal Nonlicensed One-Time Payments are administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Applications are available and accepted on a rolling basis.  

Resources and communication

​If you need assistance in a language other than English, please use the resources below: 

  • ​Si necesita ayuda para comprender esta carta, comuníquese con Rocio Sosa,, 651-641-6660 
  • ​Hadaad ubaahantahay caawimaad fahanka warqadan, fadlan la xiriir Abdulkadir Warsame,, 651-641-6673 
  • ​Yog tias koj xav tau kev pab nkag siab tsab ntawv no, thov hu rau Ka Youa Vang,, 651-366-6792 

​Child Care Aware of Minnesota can connect you to Language Line Services for languages other than English, Hmong, Somali and Spanish.; Child Care Aware can be reached at 651-290-9704 or

Program eligibility and requirements

All legal nonlicensed providers who have completed their CCAP provider registration with a local CCAP administrator in Minnesota and whose registration is active are eligible for a $500 Legal Nonlicensed One-Time Payment.

Application process and award amount

The Minnesota Department of Human Services will automatically send newly registered legal nonlicensed (LNL) providers a One-Time Payment application.  

Legal nonlicensed (LNL) providers can submit their LNL One-Time Payment applications to DHS by either of the two below methods. 

  • Complete, sign, and submit the below LNL One-Time Payment application electronically to DHS at
  • Print, complete, sign, and mail the below LNL One-Time Payment application to Child Care Aware of Minnesota at the below mailing address. 

Child Care Aware of Minnesota
10 River Park Plaza, Suite 820
Saint Paul, MN 55107

There is no application period nor deadline to submit a LNL One-Time Payment application. An application can be submitted to the department at any time. 

All providers who apply and are determined to be eligible will receive this one-time payment of $500. Payments will be in the form of mailed checks from Minnesota Management and Budget. Checks will be mailed to the mailing address that providers have on record with their local Child Care Assistance Program administrators. 

Allowable uses of funds

Eligible providers can use their Legal Nonlicensed One-Time Payment funds for the below allowable uses. 

  • Purchasing or updating equipment, supplies, goods or services. 
  • Purchasing training or other professional development.


If you have questions about Legal Nonlicensed One-Time Payments not covered by this webpage, please contact Child Care Aware at 651-290-9704 or
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