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2017 Disability waiver rate-setting frameworks

Rate frameworks are the basis for pricing waiver services within the four disability waivers. All formulas used in the calculation of a rate are visible on the rate framework spreadsheets. The frameworks build upon a consistent structure that:

  • Captures the individualized nature of services and client needs
  • Contains cells that allow data inputs
  • Includes wages, employee and program-related expenses and general and administrative expenses

DHS has updated the rate frameworks based on 2017 legislation. For 2013 rate framework drafts, visit the 2013 Disability waiver rate-setting frameworks webpage.

If you have questions or comments on the draft rate frameworks, or need an alternative format, please email

Disability Waiver Rate System rate frameworks


Unit based


2017 Adult Day Care Services - Daily (XLS)

2017 Behavior Support (XLS)

2017 Foster Care/Supported Living Services Corporate (XLS) 

2013 Adult Day Bath (XLS) - Note: No 2017 framework for this service

2017 Employment Services - Draft (XLS)

2017 Foster Care/Supported Living Services Family (XLS)

2017 Adult Day Care Services - 15 Minutes (XLS)

2017 Housing Access Coordination (XLS)

2017 Customized Living / 24-Hour Customized Living/Residential Care Services (XLS)

2017 Day Training and Habilitation Services - Daily (XLS)

2017 In-home Family Support (XLS)

2017 Supported Living Services - 15 minutes (XLS)

2017 Day Training and Habilitation Services - 15 Minutes (XLS)

2017 Independent Living Skills Training (XLS)

No framework

2017 Prevocational Services - Day (XLS)

2017 Night Supervision (XLS)

No framework

2017 Prevocational Services - Hourly (XLS)

2017 Personal Support / Adult Companion (XLS)

No framework

2017 Structured Day Services - Daily (XLS)

2017 Respite - 15 Minutes (XLS)

No framework

2017 Structured Day Services - 15 Minutes (XLS)

2017 Respite Daily (XLS)

No framework
No framework 2017 Supported Employment Services (XLS) No framework
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