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Office of Broadband Development

Border-to-border high speed Internet access is the goal throughout Minnesota. The Broadband Office connects communities, policy-makers, providers, regional support organizations, and state and federal programs with each other and the resources they need to improve broadband access and use in Minnesota.

Minnesota Broadband Plan 2016-2021

What is Broadband?

The term broadband refers to Internet connections that can transfer data and information (like web pages) at high speeds. Broadband service in Minnesota is delivered through the fiber and coaxial networks of cable providers; DSL service over the telephone network; optical fiber to the home or business; mobile and fixed wireless systems; and satellite connections.

Border to Border Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program

The Border-to-Border Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program funds, through legislative appropriation, the expansion of broadband service to areas of Minnesota that are unserved or underserved. The focus of this grant program is to provide state resources that help make the financial case for new and existing providers to invest in building broadband infrastructure. More information on the grant program can be found under the Broadband Grant Program page.

Governor's Task Force on Broadband

The task force existed from 2011-2018 under then-Governor Dayton and proposed policies to promote the expansion of broadband access in Minnesota. It met monthly and submitted an annual report to address issues identified during the year to correct disparities in access and adoption of broadband in all Minnesota communities - urban, rural, and suburban - helping to ensure that homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses have access to the technology and information resources they need to grow and thrive. The task force’s annual reports can be found on the Broadband Task Force page.

Broadband Mapping

The Broadband Development Office annually maps broadband availability across the state. Information on broadband availability can be found under the Maps and Data page.

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