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Targeted Employment Services

Sometimes workers have unusual barriers to employment and need a little extra help. In certain cases, we offer special employment services to people in targeted groups that have unique needs or are known to have greater difficulty finding a job.

Older Workers

Our Senior Community Service Program helps people age 55 and older get the on-the-job training and work experience they need.

Pathways to Prosperity Competitive Grant

Programs and services designed to provide workforce development and training opportunities to economically disadvantaged adults.


Whether the jobs are on or off the farm, our Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Service helps farmworkers and the employers who hire them.

Homemakers Returning to Work

Through our MN Family Resiliency Partnership (MFRP) - federally known as Displaced Homemaker Program (DHP), we help people who have worked mainly in the home develop the skills needed to find and maintain a job.

Workers with Difficult Job History

The Minnesota Federal Bonding Service provides individual Fidelity Bonds to employers for new or current employees who have a difficult job history.

Employment for At-Risk Youth

Programs that help at-risk teens and young adults find jobs, build job skills, learn specific trades and explore education, training and career options.

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