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Business Finance Guidance

We can offer plenty of useful guidance whether you're starting with the basics or are contemplating more complex options.

The Truth About Business Grants

There's no free lunch. Be wary of companies selling information about “government grants” or guides to government grants.

Business Loan Basics

There are many sources of debt financing: banks, savings and loans, commercial finance companies and government agencies are most common.

Loan Documentation

Commitment letters, promissory notes, credit agreements, mortgages, assignments. Get the basics on loan documentation.

SBA Business Financing Programs

The Small Business Administration has financial assistance programs that provide access to debt and equity primarily from banks or other private sources.

Rural Development Financing

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Office has loan, loan guarantee and grant programs.

City, County, and Regional Funding Sources

Local governmental units at different levels are currently providing some form of assistance to entrepreneurs.

Raising Capital: Securities Law

Raising capital to fund a startup or early stage business can be very complex and intimidating. Our guidebook offers clarity.

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