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MN Nursing facility employee scholarship program

The Minnesota Nursing Facility Employee Scholarship Program provides funding for Minnesota Medicaid-certified nursing facilities to offer scholarships for nursing facility staff that want to pursue educational opportunities in the field of long-term care.

This program is a voluntary program.  With the exception of reimbursement for some Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training, testing and associated costs*, nursing facilities are not required to participate in this program.

With some exceptions, facilities may tailor their scholarship program to meet the staffing needs of their facility.  

To find more information about the scholarship program, the first step an employee should take is to contact the facility Human Resources (HR) Department to obtain copies of their scholarship policies and/or an application form.

Generally, the program provides assistance with tuition, books, required fees, required supplies, and day care and transportation costs – for allowable educational programs.

Because facilities are not obligated to cover all these costs, again you should check with your facility HR Department to see what their scholarship program does/does not cover. 

*Note regarding CNA program costs: All Medicaid and Medicare-certified Nursing Facilities in Minnesota are obligated to cover the costs of a State-approved CNA training and testing program.  In addition, the facility should cover the reasonable costs of transportation to/from training and/or testing and the reasonable costs of one pair of work shoes and a uniform.  Other costs may be covered, at the discretion of the facility and/or as required by the State.  For questions on allowable costs and limitations, please contact your facility HR Department or email our staff.

For more information about the Scholarship program, please contact our staff via email.

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