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Special Initiatives and Grants

Disability Employment Initiative

Information about an innovative partnership working to link Minnesota youth with disabilities to gainful employment.

Shared Vision for Youth Activities

Minnesota's development of youth partnerships at the state and regional levels, leveraging various funding sources.

Higher Education Career Advisors Pilot

A pilot project equipping students in high school with career counseling so they have a greater chance to be successful in the workforce.

Youth Support Services

A competitive grant program to provide support services for individuals.

Youth at Work Competitive Grants

Overview of the grants awarded from the Minnesota Youth Workforce Competitive Grant Programs.

Minnesota Economic Recovery Jobs Program

Through the work of selected grantees, this program provides training and creates career readiness and work experience opportunities for young adults in the seven-county metro area.

TANF Youth Innovation Project

Provides structured work experiences and introduction to career pathways to youth receiving Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) benefits.

Getting to Work Programs

Designed for nonprofit organizations to establish and operate programs that provide, repair or maintain motor vehicles to assist eligible individuals to obtain or maintain employment.

Youth-Focused Direct Appropriations

Information about agencies receiving direct appropriations from the Minnesota Legislature for youth-focused activities can be found here.

Grant and Contract Opportunities

Want to do business with DEED? Apply for and manage one of our competitive grants or professional/technical services contracts. See our list of available contract solicitations.

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