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Minnesota Employment Review

covers of Employment ReviewMinnesota Employment Review is a monthly publication that examines labor market conditions and key economic indicators statewide.

Produced by our Labor Market Information Office, each edition of Review includes a regional spotlight article, business highlights, employment and unemployment statistics, and regional and industrial analyses.

View old editions of Minnesota Employment Review, dating back to 2003, in DEED's Digital Library.

January 2019

In this issue: A Comparative Analysis of the Economic Status of Native-Born and Foreign-Born Residents of Minnesota, NE Minnesota's Forest Products Industry, Fun With Statistics, and more.

December 2018

In this issue: Public Sector Employment, spotlight on Miscellaneous Manufacturing, OES data tool, and more.

November 2018

In this issue: Central Minnesota spotlight on older workers,How Did We Help You in Program Year 2017?, Fun With Statistics, and more.

October 2018

In this issue: Career Choices, By the Numbers, County Snapshots, and more.

September 2018

In this issue: Finding the Right Job, Fun With Statistics, County Snapshots, and more.

August 2018

In this issue: The Experience of American Indian Students in the Minnesota Labor Market, Southeast MN spotlight, and more.

July 2018

In this issue: Population Changes in Northeast Minnesota, Fun With Statistics, County Snapshots, and more.

June 2018

In this issue: 2017 Job Vacancies, Minnesota Job Outlook to 2026, Unemployment in the Twin Cities, County Snapshots, and more.

May 2018

In this issue: Minnesota Job Outlook for 1st Q 2018 to 1st Q 2019, Healthcare Trends in Central Minnesota, County Snapshots, and more.

April 2018

In this issue: Manufacturing in Minnesota, The Gender Pay Gap in NW Minnesota, NAICS 72, County Snapshots, and more.

March 2018

In this issue: Youth Summer Employment 2018, The Changing Faces of Southwest MN, Fun with Statistics, County Snapshots, and more

February 2018

In this issue: Net Earnings Sources Across MN counties, Gender Equality in SE Minnesota, Changes in Seasonal Adjustments, and more.

January 2018

In this issue: Long-Term Projections Methodology, Construction Industry in Northeast Minnesota, County Snapshots, and more

December 2017

In this issue: Small Business Success, Retail Trade in the Twin Cities, county snapshots for Kanabec, Kandiyohi, Kittson, and Koochiching counties, and more.

November 2017

In this issue: Young Workers in Demand, county snapshots for Hubbard, Isanti, Itasca and Jackson counties, and more.

October 2017

In this issue: Regional Resilience, NAICS Primer, county snapshots for Goodhue, Grant, Hennepin, and Houston counties, and more.

September 2017

In this issue: Job Vacancies Are Way Up in 2017, Skilled Manpower in the Making, County Snapshots, and more.

August 2017

In this issue: Household Income Sources Across MN Counties, Wholesale and Retail Trade in SE Minnesota, county snapshots, and more.

July 2017

In this issue: Long-Term Projections, I.T. Takes a Village, Driver's License Data, and more.

June 2017

In this issue: Twin Cities spotlight, county snapshots for Carlton, Carver, Cass and Chippewa counties, Fun With Statistics, and more.

May 2017

In this issue: Regional spotlight for Central MN, county snapshots for Benton, Big Stone, Bue Earth, and Brown counties, NAICS Primer, and more.

April 2017

In this issue: County snapshots for Aitkin, Anoka, Becker, and Beltrami counties, Building an Economy, Veterans by County, and more.

March 2017

In this issue: Youth Summer Employment, occupational profiles for Yardkeeper and Zoologist, Child Care in Southwest Minnesota, and more.

February 2017

In this issue: Cost of Living in SE Minnesota, Customer Satisfaction Survey, W is for Waitstaff, X is for X-ray Technician, Fun With Statistics, and more.

January 2017

In this issue: Community and Social Services in NE Minnesota, NAICS Primer, U is for Ultrasound Technician, V is for Veterinary Technician, and more.

December 2016

In this issue: Minnesota's Millennial Mobility, Distinguishing Industries in the Twin Cities, S is for Surgeon, T is for Truck Driver, and more.

November 2016

In this issue: Projected Regional Employment Growth, Spotlight on Central Minnesota's contribution to meat production, and more.

October 2016

In this issue: Attorneys' Turn, Education Cost and Benefit, occupational profiles for Occupational and Physical Therapists, and more.

September 2016

In this issue: Minnesota's Tight Labor Market, SW Minnesota Wages, occupational profiles for Morticians and Night Watchmen, and more.

August 2016

In this issue: Education is the Foundation; Spotlight on Southeast MN; occupational profiles for Kindergarten Teachers and Lawyers; and more.

July 2016

In this issue: Postsecondary Education in NE Minnesota, A Good Job After College, occupational profiles for Information Security Analysts and Juvenile Protection Officers, Business Developments, and more.

June 2016

In this issue: Minnesota Job Outlook to 2024, Commuting Patterns in the Twin Cities, occupational profiles for guards and home health aides, and more.

May 2016

In the issue: Concentration of Grocery Stores; The Employment Services Industry in Central MN; occupational profiles for electricians and financial analysts; and more

April 2016

In this issue: Minnesota's Retirement Reality; American Indian Workforce Challenges and Opportunities; occupational profiles for carpenters and dentists; and more.

March 2016

In this issue: Teen Summer Employment, Truck Transportation in SW Minnesota, occupational profiles for accountants and barbers, and more.

February 2016

In this issue: How Did You Like Us in 2015?, An Appetizing Part-time Job, Fun With Statistics, and more.

January 2016

In this issue: Diversity gains momentum in Greater Minnesota, Spotlight on NE Minnesota, Shortcut for finding labor market information by region, and more.

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