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Finishing Touches

Every job search needs finishing touches - those often overlooked actions likely to impress potential employers even if you don't get the job this time around. They show attention to detail, admirable and non-irritating persistence, and may lead employers to keep you in mind for future jobs.

Post-Interview Steps

Thank-you notes, contacting references, and other follow-up after a job interview.

Getting Turned Down

The best ways to respond when you're notified that you didn't get the job.

The Salary Negotiation

Strategies and tools for arriving at a mutually acceptable salary and benefits package.

When You Get the Job

Important steps you should take to ensure you'll be successful at your new job.

How to Succeed

Keeping your credentials and resume up to date and ready for your next job search.

Final Thoughts

Constantly maintain and update job search skills throughout work life.

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