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Customized Employment

Customized employment (CE) is an interest based negotiation between the job seeker and employer. CE is a process that allows individuals with disabilities and employers the opportunity to negotiate job tasks and/or reassign job duties to improve overall contribution in the workplace. For employers, customized employment allows an employer to examine its specific workforce needs and fulfill those needs with an employee’s specific skills.


Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) purchases customized employment Discovery services through an hourly rate structure. Customized employment Job Development is currently issued through a Performance Based Agreement (PBA) structure. Discovery uses an individualized, person centered approach to first examine a person’s skills, interests, and conditions to then create integrated employment by matching these with business needs. Discovery is the foundation of the customized employment process. In order for any practitioner to complete discovery services, contracting with VRS, the practitioner must meet competency review standards.

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