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Compare Minnesota to Other States


Hard Data. Easy Choice. It Pays to Compare.

See how Minnesota stacks up against any combination of states. With these interactive graphics, you can select, visualize and download data on dozens of key performance indicators.

Business Climate

Corporate income tax, franchise tax, property tax, sales tax, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation rates and more.


Domestic and international migration, natural increase, 5-year population changes and population estimates.


Overall and per capita GDP by state and Minnesota regions, export statistics.


Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher and a high school diploma or higher.

Energy and Telecommunications

Broadband infrastructure, commercial and industrial gas and electric rates and typical utility costs.

Innovation and Technology

Invention and medical patents, venture capital investments.


Total occupational employment; labor force participation rates; union affiliation and more.


Means of transportation, work from home, work in state and mean travel time to work.

Quality of Life

Community indicators including crime, poverty and home ownership rates, per capita personal income.

Top Industries and Companies

Fortune and Forbes companies and employment in major industries.


For information on Compare Minnesota, contact Magda Olson at 651-259-7183.

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