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Why Hiring People with Disabilities is Good for Business

Business trends in staffing show that hiring people who have disabilities adds a valuable dimension to workforce recruiting. In fact 20% of our population has a health condition that may or may not affect the way they interact with their work environment. And that number is on the rise.

Today hiring people who have disabilities benefits human resource strategy and improves the bottom line because, in general, people who have disabilities:

  • Are a strategic target in addressing future workforce shortages.
  • Increase the pool of talent from which companies can recruit.
  • Demonstrate high levels of performance, productivity and loyalty, which in turn helps build stronger employee engagement overall.
  • Contribute significantly to innovating company processes and products.
  • Open new market opportunities because the $1.5 trillion market they represent would rather spend money with companies that employ people who have disabilities.
  • Offer attractive returns on employee investments.

Did you know...

For every five people in your organization, it is likely one has a disability. This means you already employ people who have disabilities, and increasing your knowledge will only increase your positive results without major change.

According to the United States Census Bureau 2007 fact sheet, nearly 20% of the population in the United States (51.2 million) have a condition that can be classified as a disability. 12% of the population report having a condition that can be classified as a severe disability.

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