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Programs and services

Special programs are available to help current and former foster youth moving to adulthood and others facing difficult life situations.

Programs for current or former foster youth moving to adulthood

There's help for youth who are or were in foster care and want to live on their own. There's tuition assistance, job skills training, help finding work, housing and much more. County and tribal social services staff and a network of non-profit agencies make it happen.

Programs for youth who have been sexually exploited

Youth who are victims of sex trafficking can get help with emergency shelter, transitional living and other supportive services. Various community groups provide these services through Minnesota's Safe Harbor for Youth programs.

Options for mothers who cannot keep their babies

Mothers who are not able to care and provide for their child can consider placing their baby for adoption. Many organizations in Minnesota can help with this. In extreme situations, new mothers can leave their newborn up to seven days old at certain locations under the state's Safe Place for Newborns law.
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