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Return to Community service


The Return to Community service helps people who are living in a nursing home and want to move home or to a new setting in their community. People are eligible for the Return to Community service if they:

  • Have been in the nursing home 90 days or fewer
  • Want to return home
  • Would have to stay in the nursing home if they did not have other help
  • Are not receiving long-term care services paid for by Medical Assistance (MA).

If MA pays for your long-term care, contact your county case manager or health plan care coordinator for help moving out of the nursing home.


Senior LinkAge Line community living specialists will visit eligible people in nursing homes to discuss whether the person is interested in getting help to move back home.

Working with nursing facility staff, Senior LinkAge Line staff will develop a list of services that people can consider having at home to help them after they leave the nursing home. The community living specialist provides counseling to help people look at all long-term care options based on where and how they want to live.

After a person returns to a community setting, the Senior LinkAge Line provides follow-up in person and over the phone for up to five years. This ensures that the person remains successful for as long as possible in the home of their choice. The information also will be used to evaluate the service and the effectiveness of ongoing follow-up.

There is no cost for this service.

Learn more

To learn more about the Return to Community service, call the Senior LinkAge Line at 800-333-2433.

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