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Laws and Rules


Minnesota Statutes, chapter 256B, directs the provision of Medical Assistance for needy persons whose resources are not adequate to meet the cost of such care. This chapter addresses eligibility for MA funding, supports and services.


Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245A, Human Services Licensing Act, directs the general licensing activities of the DHS Division of Licensing. The Human Services Licensing Act governs the licensure of programs that serve children and vulnerable adults and includes the regulatory functions for protecting the health, safety, rights and well-being of persons who receive licensed services.


DHS is governed by many different laws and rules. DHS developed an abbreviated number system so that all the rule parts pertaining to one subject do not need to be stated each time when referring to a rule. For example, Rule 40, our reference or number for it, is actually a reference to Minnesota Rules, parts 9525.2700 to 9525.2810.

The terminology used to describe people with developmental disabilities has changed over time. While DHS supports the use of people first language within its documents, certain outdated terms may be found within historical and official documents, such as statutes and reports.

Submit a question on the DSD contact form if you are unable to find information about Disability Services Division programs and services.

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