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Children's mental health programs and services

DHS works to ensure children's mental health programs and services are available throughout Minnesota. Every child in need deserves consistent high quality, accessible, and effective services that consider children's characteristics, circumstances and cultures. DHS is committed to transforming services so that children and youth with mental health concerns get the help they need. These efforts include:

  • Discovering sooner who needs help and ensuring help for those who need it
  • Improving access to the right services at the right time
  • Establishing best practices and improving standards of care

Understanding what's available

DHS supports many programs and services for children living with mental illness. Contact your child's health care provider, health care plan, county or tribe for information and referrals.

Identifying mental health concerns
Home and community services
Inpatient and residential services
Education, prevention and support
Other DHS programs

How DHS is promoting children's mental health

DHS is committed to making sure the right services are available at the right time for children from birth to 21 years with mental health needs. This also means supporting families in accessing these services for their children. These improvements happen across the continuum of care by:

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