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Elderly Waiver Residential Services

Customized Living and Foster Care Services

Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) bulletin #16-25-02 (PDF) for customized living services and now includes policy on adult foster care services. This new comprehensive bulletin also outlines:

  • Updated rate limits
  • Clarification of when a provider may not submit a claim
  • Comprehensive home care license required for all Customized Living providers
  • Which worksheets, when used in combination, can be used instead of CSSP, not CSP

Lead agencies and providers may refer to the CBSM Rate methodologies for AC, ECS and EW service authorization page and the Long-term services and supports rates changes page for additional information on determining rates and authorizing services for the Elderly Waiver (EW), Alternative Care and Essential Community Supports programs.

  • Effective July 1, 2015, lead agencies are required to use the Residential Services Workbook (RS Tool), formerly known as the CL Tool, to determine rates for EW foster care and residential care services
  • Choose the service for which you are determining a rate from the drop down box in the ‘Authorize Rate As’ field on the ‘Scr Doc Input’ worksheet in the RS Tool. The tool will allow lead agencies to plan for component services that are allowed under each service.
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