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Long-term services and supports rates changes

The Minnesota Legislature authorized the following rate changes to services provided on or after July 1, 2016. Depending on the service, these apply to:

  • Allocations
  • Grants
  • Individual budgets
  • Reimbursement rates.

0.2% rate increase
This applies to consumer directed community supports (CDCS), the Consumer Support Grant (CSG) and personal care assistance services (PCA), including extended PCA.

21.3% increase of Elderly Waiver (EW) and Alternative Care (AC) monthly budget limits
The Minnesota Legislature reestablished a link between nursing facility rates and monthly budget limits under EW and AC. The limits increase by either the greater of the nursing facility rate increase or the increase to home and community-based services (HCBS) rates during a state fiscal year (SFY).  For SFY 2017, the nursing facility rate increase exceeds the 0.2% HCBS rate increase. 

The following will increase by 21.3%:

  • Monthly case-mix budget caps for EW and AC, including CDCS monthly budget caps
  • EW service rate limits for customized living (CL) and 24-hour customized living (24-hour CL)

Elderly Waiver change from monthly to daily rate for certain services
Beginning July 1, 2016, customized living services and adult foster care provided under the Elderly Waiver program will use a daily rate instead of a monthly rate. This change will simplify both the authorization and billing procedures and improve overall authorization and billing integrity. For new procedure codes, refer to the Long-term Services and Support Rate Limits document in the Resources below.


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