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Long-term services and supports rates changes

The Minnesota Legislature authorized selected rate and budget limit increases for services provided on or after Jan. 1, 2019, and changes to procedures for submitting residential service tools (RS tools). These include:

  • Increases to rates for selected service for Elderly Waiver (EW), Alternative Care (AC) and Essential Community Supports (ECS)
  • Increases to EW, AC, ECS and EW/AC consumer-directed community supports (CDCS) monthly budget limits
  • Increases to customized living (CL) monthly limits for EW
  • Increases to customized living component services for EW

Refer to the Rate calculation details tab for the percentage increases to all of the services and budgets.

DHS will release a new residential services tool Version 11.1 for EW foster care and customized living effective for service start dates of January 1, 2019. DHS will program the new component service rates and limits into this new tool. The new rates will be applied on a rolling basis throughout the year when a case manager completes and submits a new workbook because of:

  • An assessment or reassessment
  • A change in provider
  • A change in the support plan that is driven by a change in the person’s needs or circumstances, as determined by the lead agency
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