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Help with an appeal

Benefits or services: For questions about your benefits or services, talk with your worker if you have one. Your worker can answer most of your questions but cannot give you legal help.

Appeals process: For questions about the appeals process or about the hearing, go to the appeals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This page has information on commonly asked questions about appeals. If you are not able to get your question answered here, you can contact the Appeals Division at:

Minnesota Department of Human Services
Appeals Division
P.O. Box 64941
St. Paul, MN 55164-0941

Metro: 651-431-3600

Greater Minnesota: 800-657-3510 or use your preferred relay service

Fax: 651-431-7523

Legal help: You may have a lawyer represent you in an appeal and come with you to the hearing if you choose. The agency will not get a lawyer for your or pay for one. You may be able to get free legal advice or help with an appeal from your local legal services office. For more information about legal services, or to find a legal services office in your area, go to or call 888-354-5522.

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