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Community Engagement

Information and Resources for Community Engagement

Community partnerships and impact

As we embark on the critical task of supporting the 1.5 million Minnesotans who are renewing their health coverage, the work of community partners like you, as trusted messengers, is invaluable. Whether your organization is rooted in healthcare, education, social services, or the arts, your work is instrumental in bridging gaps, ensuring that vital information and resources are accessible to all Minnesotans. Our collective voices, when united, can amplify the message, empowering individuals and families to navigate these changes with confidence.

At DHS, we envision this Hub as a cornerstone of collaborative effort, a platform where community organizations and partners come together to share tools and knowledge. This collaboration is key to enhancing Minnesotans' awareness and preparation for their healthcare renewals during this period of transition. By joining forces, we can ensure that comprehensive support reaches every corner of our community.


Intake request form

Can’t find the support you’re looking for with the resources below? Need DHS support for your community event? Use our Intake Request Form to request event support, communication materials, and additional resources. We’re here to help you make your event a success!


Calendar of upcoming community events

Have a community event coming up you’d like to promote and share information about renewals at? Complete the intake request form below and select the “Event Promotion Only” option to have your event showcased on our Community Calendar.



Here, you'll find a curated list of tools and materials designed to support community organizations in raising awareness about the Unwind of continuous health coverage. Our goal is to provide you with relevant and impactful resources that will empower you to assist Minnesotans in retaining their health care coverage.

We've gathered some of our most valuable resources to help you get started, available in multiple languages, to ensure you can effectively communicate with and serve your diverse community. These include social media templates, informative videos, and printed materials that you can use to spread the word in your community. For a broader selection of tools, including additional language options, be sure to visit our full resources collection.


Navigator support

Navigators are here to help guide you through the process of renewing your health coverage. They provide personalized assistance to help you understand your options and complete the necessary paperwork. Here's how you can connect with a navigator:

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