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Look up when your renewal takes place

Know when to watch your mailbox for your renewal information: Look up your renewal month with the renewal lookup tool. You will need your member number and case number to look up your renewal month. If you do not know your case number or member number, call your county or tribe. (When using the tool, please be aware that a renewal month result of “June” means 2024, not 2023.) Learn more about the timeline for resuming renewals. 

Medical Assistance enrollees can expect their renewal to take place based on the anniversary month of their application for coverage. If you work with a health plan, contact them to learn more about when your specific renewal will take place. MinnesotaCare enrollees can expect their eligibility renewal beginning in October 2023 for coverage effective Jan. 1, 2024.


Watch for the circle in blue when it’s time to renew

You’ll get an envelope in the mail marked “Important information enclosed” with your renewal paperwork.

Here’s what to do next.


mailbox iconReport address and phone number changes

It’s important we be able to reach you when it’s time to renew your health insurance. Don’t risk losing your health insurance and possible disruptions in seeing your doctor or filling a prescription. Update your contact information.


cell-phoneGet text messages when you need to take action

DHS will text you from “28343” when we mail you your renewal information and to remind you to submit your paperwork before the deadline. Learn more.



Get answers to your questions

Get your renewal questions answered.


Connect with a trusted partner

If you get your Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare insurance with the support of a health plan or navigator, they want to help. Connect with them for assistance.


Watch this page for updates

DHS will update this page with new information. You can sign up to receive email alerts when information on this page changes.



Question markFor more information, see frequently asked questions. If you are on MinnesotaCare, have people in your household on both Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare, or have general questions, call DHS Health Care Consumer Support at 651-297-3862 or 800-657-3672. If you are on Medical Assistance and have questions about your case, call your county or tribal agency.

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