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People with disabilities

Minnesotans with disabilities bring a tremendous amount to their communities. The Minnesota Department of Human Services strives to help people live as independently as possible so they can continue to be a part of the communities in which they live.

Economic assistance

DHS offers economic assistance for eligible people with disabilities.

Health care

Preventive care and disease management keeps people healthy and saves the state precious resources.


DHS provides a variety of services in addition to economic support and health care to help Minnesotans.

What's new?

News and updates on DHS efforts that support people with disabilities.

COVID-19 information

Resources for people who receive services and answers to their frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 pandemic may be found on the DisabilityHubMN website. For updates related to agencywide DHS programs, visit the DHS homepage. You can also sign up for COVID-19-specific DHS email notifications.

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