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Programs and services

Become an adoptive or kinship family

Information about the adoption process is described in Completing an Adoption in Minnesota  DHS-3206 (PDF). It reviews the responsibilities of birth parents, adoptive parents and agencies in completing an adoption. Answers to Your Questions about Adoption DHS-0698 (PDF) is intended for adoptive parents, birth parents and adopted children.

MN ADOPT provides information, resources, education, public awareness and support to find stable and permanent homes for children.

Support and training for families

Find adoption records and other options for mothers who cannot keep their babies

Find adoption records 

Adoption records are confidential, but searches for birth family members can be initiated by an adopted individual 19 or older, genetic siblings 19 years or older of an adoptee, adoptive parents and birth parents. Begin a search for birth records DHS-6802 (PDF).

Options for mothers who cannot keep their babies

Mothers who are not able to care and provide for their child can consider placing their baby for adoption. Many organizations in Minnesota can help with this. In extreme situations, new mothers can leave their newborn up to seven days old at certain locations under the state's Safe Place for Newborns law.

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