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Get help for alcohol and drug use problems

Hmong - Tau txais kev pab rau cov teeb meem kev haus dej caw thiab yeeb tshuaj
Somali - Hel caawimaad ku aadan dhibaatooyinka khamriga iyo isticmaalka daroogada
Spanish - Obtenga ayuda para problemas con el uso de alcohol y drogas

Treatment works. See what options are available to you.

Minnesota has many types of treatment for individuals struggling with alcohol or drug use. It’s important to know what kind of substance use disorder services will work best in your path to recovery.

Treatment services

Substance use disorder services include:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Nonresidential (outpatient) individual and group treatment services
  • Residential treatment services
  • Hospital-based inpatient treatment
  • Residential withdrawal management
  • Medication assisted therapies (this includes opioid treatment programs that distribute methadone, suboxone, and other related therapies, and clinic-based providers who prescribe medications treating substance use disorder)
  • Treatment coordination
  • Recovery peer support.

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