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Refugee resettlement: Training and resources

Continuous learning benefits everyone involved in our work. The department is committed to building competence and skills. We offer classroom and online training that advances our mission, values and goals. We partner with others to improve.

MN Resettlement Landscape Webinar

This session covers the basics of resettlement landscape in Minnesota and offers a broad overview of the systems and resources that manage and facilitate the entry and integration of new arrivals. The presentation clarifies the legal definition of who is eligible to have refugee status, populations who are in Minnesota and the different roles that resettlement agencies, the state of Minnesota and the Federal Government play in the resettlement process. 

Tue,  Apr. 23, 2024
3-4:30 p.m.
Registration link: Register for MN Resettlement Landscape webinar
For questions about the presentation, contact

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