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How to Enroll yourself in a TrainLink Mental Health Class (case sensitive)

Step 1:

If you have a Unique Key, and know what it is, you can skip this step. Otherwise, go to the Unique Key Request Form Web site . Enter all requested information on the next page. Within two days, DHS will e-mail you your Unique Key. You will need this to register.

Step 2:

  1. After you’ve received your Unique Key go to the TrainLink Web site and click on “Adult and Children’s Mental Health” in the center of the screen, under the Student Centers. This will bring you to the Adult & Children’s Mental Health Learning Center.
  2. Logon to the Learning Center.  Do this by clicking on the "Sign on" link in the upper right corner of the screen, and enter in your Unique ID.  Please ensure that you are using the CORRECT Unique ID.  If your name does NOT come up, please go to Step 1 again to regain your correct Unique ID.  
  3. Then, click on “Class Schedules/Registrations” to view a list of classes offered by for Adult Mental Health, Behavioral Health Homes and Children’s Mental Health.
  4. Click on the class/or group that you want, then click on “Go” to see the class(es).
  5. If you scroll to the right, you can see how many seats are still available for the class you’d like to go to. Click on the “Select” button for the class you’d like to register for. 
  6. Review the class information that appears on the screen to confirm this is the class you want to register for. To proceed, click on “Enroll in this class” link in the upper right corner of the screen.   
  7. You will be asked if you are sure you want to enroll in the class.  Click "Yes" to proceed.   
  8. Correct any inaccurate contact information, and then click on “Okay.” 
  9. You should now see a notice confirming your successful registration.  You will also receive an email that will also confirm your enrollment.
  10. Should you be notified the class if full, you are encouraged to join the waiting list by clicking on “Get on the Waiting List” on the right-hand side of the screen.
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