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Home and community-based services providers

Home and community-based services (HCBS) include a number of provider types that are grouped on this page. Refer to each provider type for information that is specific to those providers. Refer to the MHCP provider types list for information about any other provider types.

If you are an MHCP member looking for a provider, you can search our MHCP Provider Directory of fee-for-service providers. If you are enrolled in a health plan, contact your health plan to help find providers.

Enrollment: If specific enrollment information is not listed for a provider type, see the enrollment webpage.

MHCP Provider Manual: In addition to sections of the MHCP Provider Manual that pertain specifically to the kind of services you provide, see the Provider Basics sections for general requirements and billing information.

Additional resources for all HCBS provider types.

If you are a provider and have questions, call the MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411.

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