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Children’s Mental Health Respite care services

Children’s Mental Health Respite Care Services Grants support a child with an emotional disturbance (ED) and severe emotional disturbance (SED) and their family. The purpose of the CMH Respite Care Grant is to:

  • Provide the parent or caregiver a temporary break/relief from the care of the child
  • Reduce family stress and improve child and family functioning.
  • Prevent out-of-home placement and promote family preservation.

The Children’s Mental Health (CMH) Respite Care Grant is authorized under  Minnesota Statute 245.4889, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), clause (3). Minnesota Statutes 245.4889 Subdivision 4 specifies the scope of allowable expenses the CMH respite Care grant program.

Respite care services may also include:

  • Recreational, sport, and non-sport extracurricular activities and programs for the child including camps, clubs, lessons, group outings, sports , or other activities and programs
  • Family activities, camps, and retreats that the family does together and provide a break from the family's circumstance
  • Cultural programs and activities for the child and family designed to address the unique needs of individuals who share a common language, racial, ethnic, or social background
  • Costs of transportation, food, supplies, and equipment directly associated with approved respite care services and expenses necessary for the child and family to access and participate in respite care services

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