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Case management

Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management (CMH-TCM) (Provider Manual)

DHS offers case management training and technical assistance to case management providers, including counties, health plans and agencies contracting with them.

Minnesota statute defines child mental health case management services as “activities that are coordinated with family community support services and are designed to help the child with severe emotional disturbance and the child's family obtain needed mental health services, social services, educational services, health services, vocational services, recreational services, and related services in the areas of volunteer services, advocacy, transportation, and legal services.” A case manager assesses a child’s changing needs, develops a plan with other services providers and the child’s family to best address the child’s needs, links the child and family to appropriate community resources and monitors the effectiveness of planned services. For example, a case manager might interact with educational services if a child is experiencing performance problems at school or coordinate with transitional services to assist a youth in successfully making the move to adulthood.

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