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Child support: Policies and procedures

Child support in Minnesota is county-administered and state-supervised. The Minnesota Department of Human Services' Child Support Division establishes policy, maintains a statewide computer system, disburses child support to families, monitors program performance and supervises the child support program.

County agencies administer the program, provide services and manage cases by working with parents to establish and enforce child support orders.

This page provides access to child support information for community partners, employers and hospital staff. For more information about child support, see the links below.

Help for employers

For more information on new hire reporting, income withholding, child care support or medical support, visit the policies and procedures for employers page.

Help for hospital staff

For more information on establishing parentage and the Recognition of Parentage process, visit the policies and procedures page.

Help for community partners

For more information on topics including applying for child support services, changing child support court orders or contacting county child support agencies, visit the policies and procedures webpage.

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