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Caseworker visits with children in foster care

Training videos

Frequent, quality visits by caseworkers with children in foster care are essential to their safety and well-being at all ages. At each developmental stage, children's needs change, and so do the purposes of the visits. 

These nine brief videos each provide best-practice suggestions for different scenarios involving foster children.

Watch the Caseworker videos with described audio >>

March 12, 2021 Length: 0:7:32 Direct Link
Visits with Infants and Toddlers
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:6:43 Direct Link
Visiting an Elementary-age Children
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:8:10 Direct Link
Caseworkers Visits with Children Ages 10-12
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:7:52 Direct Link
Youth Placed in Group Homes or Residential Facilities
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:5:59 Direct Link
Preparing Foster Children for Visits with Birth Parents
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:5:47 Direct Link
Quality Visits
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:9:26 Direct Link
Building Stable Placements
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:5:53 Direct Link
Preparing Older Youth for Adulthood
March 12, 2021 Length: 0:13:22 Direct Link

Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy

The Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy (MNCWTA) is a collaboration between the Child Safety and Permanency Division at the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare (CASCW) at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. The mission is to train, develop, and support the skills, expertise, and well-being of Minnesota’s child welfare workforce while nurturing a commitment to equitable child welfare practice.

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