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Partial Hospitalization

The goal of the partial hospitalization program is to resolve or stabilize an acute episode of mental illness. Partial hospitalization is a time- limited, structured program of multiple and intensive psychotherapy and other therapeutic services provided by a multidisciplinary team, as defined by Medicare, and provided in an outpatient hospital setting outpatient department facility or a Medicare-certified community mental health center (CMHC) that meets Medicare requirements to provide partial hospitalization programs services. Partial hospitalization provides person- and family-centered treatment by a multi-disciplinary team, under the direction of a physician.

What services are covered?

PHP Covered Services

Who is eligible to provide the service?

MHCP Enrolled Providers who are:

  • Medicare Certified
    • Outpatient hospital facility
    • Community Mental Health Centers

*Satellite locations must also be enrolled and licensed as Outpatient Hospital Facilities or Community Mental Health Centers

Who is eligible to receive this service?

MHCP Eligible Recipient​

Process for new and existing providers


MHCP Codes & Rates

For questions on Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Policy Team

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