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Mental health crisis response services

Adult Mental Health Crisis Response Services assist a person who is experiencing a mental health crisis to cope with that crisis and stay in their own home and community. A mental health crisis responder assesses the crisis, assists the recipient in coping with the crisis, and follows up with the person to assure that they receive longer term support and services, if needed, in order to remain at home.

At times the person needs services in a safer setting. If this is the case, the Responder assists the individual to arrange for hospitalization or a stay in a crisis stabilization bed. Every county in the state has an emergency mental health telephone number. In addition, most counties provide one or more of the following: Mobile Crisis Response Services: One or two trained crisis responders who will come to your home or a meeting place that you designate to help you cope, Residential Crisis Service: Services in a facility where you can stay for a few days until the crisis is under control, and/or Crisis Stabilization service: Services following either Mobile Crisis Response or Residential Crisis Response that help you connect with other service providers and bolster your skills in order to avoid future crises.

What services are available?
Covered Crisis Response and Stabilization Services

Who is eligible for this service?
Minnesota Health Care Program (MHCP) Eligible Recipients

Become a provider – Applications/Certifications/Licensure

Please contact the Crisis Policy Team at or 651-431-2225

Current Providers

Crisis Response & Stabilization Services Providers List

Residents of every county in the state can access some form of Crisis Response Services. Fifty counties have both mobile and residential services while five provide only mobile services and 32 counties offer only residential stabilization beds.

MHCP Codes & Rates

Billing for Adult Crisis Services – MHCP Manual

Reporting Requirements
Mental Health Information System (MHIS) Materials - Reporting through the Mental Health Information System (MHIS) is required of all Crisis Response providers. The MHIS reporting instructions and materials are located on the Adult Mental Health Technical Assistance page. The web-based Mental Health Information System (MHIS) started July 1, 2012.

More information?

Crisis Response & Stabilization Services Policy Lead, 651-431-2225

Additional Resources

MHCP Manual

Mental Health Policy Manual

Training - Crisis curriculum: an online course

This course may be used toward the 30 hours of specialized training required for mental health practitioners to perform crisis intervention and assessment activities and for mental health rehabilitation workers to provide crisis stabilization services. The course may take approximately 10 hours to complete online. This training is also not intended to be retaken and used toward your 30 hours of specialized training, though we do encourage you to review the course as necessary.

The training curriculum is available online. Please use the Behavioral Health Learning Center to register for the course. The course is found in the Course Search/Online Learning - select “Adult Mental Health Online Courses” under the additional search options category. There is no registration fee. The training modules are housed on a secure state server. The Instruction link  has more detailed instructions for registering and taking the online course.

If you have questions about the on-line course you can email

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