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Dental Services Advisory Committee (DSAC)

A subcommittee of the Health Services Advisory Council, the 13-member Dental Services Advisory Committee (DSAC) consists of a variety of dental providers, representatives from health plans and public health, health researchers, and a health care consumer. The committee provides clinical guidance on the dental care benefits and coverage policies for Minnesota Health Care Programs. Like the Health Services Advisory Committee, the Dental Services Advisory Committee uses evidence-based research to inform recommendations used to advise the DHS commissioner on pertinent dental policy topics.

Appointing authority: Commissioner of Human Services
Compensation: $200 honorarium plus reimbursement for mileage and parking (Minnesota Statutes, 256B.0625, subd.3c)

Meetings are held quarterly. For more information, to obtain a copy of the meeting minutes, or a copy of a PowerPoint presented during a meeting, email:

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